About This Website

Historical Prison Data

My intended audience for historical prison data are those individuals that want to see the data before they draw conclusions or accept or eject the conclusions of others.

I am a retired Prof. of Astronomy that became interested in corrections after a county jail bond election was soundly defeated in 2000. For about 12 years I did the data analysis for the jail and also used prison data to write reports. I also served on several advisory correction related committees.

To be brief that ended when there were two more failed jail bond elections. I decided to limit my studies to historical data mostly about prisons. I posted those reports in a historical prison data website.

Family Related Items

My children wanted me to keep old photos and other family historical material and there was too much of it for that to be realistic. I thought could make digital copies and that led to the idea of having a family website which turned out to be of interest to my cousins, very distant cousins and others.

Managing Two Websites

At the moment I have two websites and the historical prison and jail data website has been transferred to this this website. It will be shut down in August and the PDF files have been copied to this website.