Neff Slideshow


  • Captain Sam Neff b: 31 Mar 1842 d: 21 Feb 1904. My great grandfather.
  • Captain Sidney Neff b: 2 Oct 1863 d: 17 Dec 1907. My grandfather.
  • Lucy Jane Olcott Neff b: 9 Dec 1865 d: 14 Aug 1955. My grandmother.
  • Charles Neff Sr. b: 9 Apr 1870 d: 25 Jun 1940. See the Charles S. Neff family history written by Fred Kline.
  • Samuel Neff b: 16 Sept. 1893 d: 19 Nov 1964. My father.
  • Esther Ann Johnson Neff b: 5 Sep 1896 d: 18 Oct 1950. My mother. The photo was taken about 1946.
  • Harold Neff b: 30 July 1901 d: 13 Mar 1954. Oldest child of Charles Neff Sr.
  • Marcy Neff-Fisher b: 30 Dec 1902 d: 30 Mar 2003 and her brother Charles Neff Jr. b: 27 May 1907 d: 24 Mar 2002. Middle and youngest children of Charles Neff Sr.
  • The small tug named Early Bird was the last Neff owned commercial vessel. Charles Neff Jr. purchased it after he retired and used it to do small towing jobs. It was destroyed by a Hurricane Camille in 1969.
  • Alton K. Fisher b: 1 Nov 1905 d: 9 Oct 1991. He was the husband of Marcy and after the death of my father they became the effective Neff grandparents to Paul and Jim.
  • Lucy Jane Neff Kittrick b: 8 Feb 1931 d: 13 Feb 2021. My older sister.
  • John Neff b: 24 Nov 1934. The ships bell was from the Charles S. Neff steamship owned by the Neff’s. The location was the Maritime Collection of the Milwaukee Public Library. May of the items in the Charles Neff Sr. collection were donated to the Maritime Collection.
  • Darlyne DeTuncq Neff b: 1 Dec 1933 d: 22 Nov 2015. My wife for 55 years.
  • Fathers Day 2021 John, Son Jim Great Granddaughter Braelyn and Grandson Justin with Great Granddaughter Henley.
  • The last three photos were provided by Jim Clemmer the Gandson of Uncle Lou and Aunt Dorothy. The parents of Jim Kittrick Jr. Jim and Anita Kittrick had hosted a picnic for the Neff’s and the Detuncq’s shortly after Darlyne and I became engaged. The first photo is Uncle Lou, me and my father. The second is me Mrs. Bradley (Dorothy’s mother), Aunt Dorothy, Jim Kittrick behind Ed. Detuncq, Anitia Kittrick and Meta Detuncq. The last photo of Carol, Lucy and Bruce Kittrick was on our wedding day. Lucy was in the wedding party and she and her family came from Washington and stayed with Jim and Anita Kittrick.