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The first record about my ancestor William Neff was in Newbury, MA in 1658. He was English not Swiss and his date of birth was between 1639 and 1642. It has been conjectured that he was a refugee from the British Civil Wars.  However, they occurred between 1642 and 1651 when he was a young child so I think we can rule that out as a reason he came to Massachusetts. On the other hand it is possible his family lived in the Cheviot Hills and that  was within a war zone so they may have been refugees to some other location in Britain. We do not know why he came to Massachusetts but for a lower class young adult it turned out to be the land of opportunity.

The Neff Family History was compiled by Doroth Neff Curry who died when it was near completion and Marcelia Neff-Fisher helped to complete the book and it was published privately in 1958. I am not aware of anything more recent that is as complete.

The book has been digitized and is available at

For those who are members of they have searchable copy at

For those who are members of there are a number Neff family trees but many of them are for the Swiss branch not the English branch. The one I think is most complete is by Debra Kittrick the wife of my nephew. In addition Judy Turner has several extensive trees. It is not possible to give links to those trees from this website. To view a tree on you have to be a member and their fees are large.

My Mother was a Johnson and her parents were from Norway. Her Father was a Revheim and her Mother a Vevle and they attended the same church and school. The left for the US about the same time but not together. Evidently they were corresponding and when he and his brothers had established a homestead in South Dakota he sent for her and they married. My Grandfather changed his name to Bert Johnson when he entered the US. Later he used Baste Johanneson.  My Grandmother used Julia Johnson after her marriage and her children all used the name Johnson.