Johnson Photos

If you click on a photo the photo is enlarged and there are arrows at bottom that can be used to move to the preceding or following photo.

  1. The photo is of the Johnson brothers and sisters. We do not know when the photo was taken. However, because Gilbert was in the Navy in WW I is must have been about that time.  From left to right in the photo John, Gilbert, Cora, Esther, Anton and Mable.
  2. The photo is of a Johnson reunion that was held at the home of Frank and Mable Mack near Chicago. My guess is that the photo was taken about 1940.
  3. The third is of Esther, Gilbert, Anton and John. We had that woven piece in our house but did not realize that it was important to the Johnsons. Mable also had a larger woven piece that was also important.
  4. After the death of his second wife John moved to the Washington DC area and decided to learn how to do new things. One of them was painting and the fish is one of his paintings. He also photographed fountains and I wonder if those photos were kept.
  5. The photo is of John’s first wife Amy who died in 1937 and his son John Alvin.
  6. The photo is of Baste Johanneson (aka as Bert Johnson) my grandfather on the left and Uncle John on the right. The story is that when Baste planted an orchard one of the seeds fell into a crevice in a rock and the seed grew into a tree that split the rock.